Jun 19, 2010

P-40 Warhawk escorts B-17 in FSX

I'm in the process of creating a tribute video for a long-time friend who was almost like a third grandfather to me and, it's turns out he was a waist gunner in the B-17 too boot.

While flying around with other WWII-era aircraft in a multiplayer session of FSX I took some amazing screenshots while flying formation with a B-17 pilot who was on approach for landing.

Another B-17 pilot was on the ground after we landed and joined us so I could grab some cool screenshots while we were parked.  It just amazes me how stunningly realistic Flight Simulator looks; it's really too bad Microsoft dropped it from their game lineup.  But thanks to a huge community of users and developers there are still new add-on aircraft and plug-in's being made each month.  Absolutely amazing; I don't think there's ANY game of any type that gets this much attention AFTER it's been cancelled by the manufacturer.  I hope it never dies.

You'll notice that the clouds and sunlight are not standard fare for FSX; that's due to the REX2 weather add-on; absolutely stunning skies.


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