Jun 21, 2010

Clean App for Mac OS X: The missing app removal app!

Clean App Review:
Must-Have Maintenance App for Mac

Occasionally while testing an app I'll find one that really proves itself worthy as a "professional" application, and here's the latest:

One of the big things Mac users fuss with is how to properly un-install old apps or, find where all the preference, cache and other files actually live on the system. Especially when it comes to apps from Adobe which have spider-like traces of their apps all over the OS it can be a daunting task to locate and get rid of them all. And especially when things go wrong with an app and you want to manually refresh it's cache there's almost no way to find a safe method for doing that. Until now, that is.

Enter CleanApp 3:

Much more than an app deletion program this handy, cost-effective app can help you: Locate and delete unused language packs (remember Monolingual?), find and delete/refresh cache files (better than some maintenance apps like Onyx), give you a visual map of your HDD and *every* file that lives on it. Plus, with the help of the built-in "logging" feature - which works in the background and uses almost no resources - you can finally see and delete every file associated with any application that's installed on your system, even if that app doesn't live on the main drive.


I give this app "5 Stars" and would make this a must-have tool along with Onyx and DiskWarrior both for routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

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