Jul 19, 2016

The New Stuff - Still Waiting !!!

I know I recently promised you guys some hard-won new reviews especially for the audio portion of our post-production people.

So what's happened since that last post is that I've been waiting to get the equipment from both Audio Plus (The Trio Be's) and from Equator, the new D8 monitors!  Between my own company being really busy and theirs as well we've all been swamped with "stuff" and reviews have been on the back burner for a while.

But, I've got some time to catch up where I left off in the spring, so here's what's coming:

The "kit" review for everything you'll need for an awesome post-production environment:

1.  Retina 5K iMac
2.  SPL Crimson (audio interface)
3.  Focal Trio Be near-fields 
4.  Focal Alpha 65's
5.  Lauten Atlantis mic
6.  Equator D8 near-fields 

...and hopefully for ALL of us who really miss the traditional Final Cut Studio (FC7) interface, an in-depth review of Davinci Resolve Studio!!

And for those who've complained that I didn't have a social media presence, here's a link to both my personal and business pages:

www.facebook.com/robertlaneaz.  The business page-link is there as well.

More soon, my friends!

Apr 14, 2016

Come to NAB 2016 !!

To All My Friends in the Filmmaking Community and those I wish could be there:
Come join me at the 2016 NAB Convention!! "I'll be there all week..." and am looking forward to reconnecting with all my industry pals plus playing around with all the new toys!!!

See you in 'Vegas!

Feb 23, 2016

See You at NAB 2016!

For anyone who's planning on attending the NAB convention in 'Vegas this year, I'll be there also after a long hiatus.  Last time I was there was as a consultant for Panasonic.  Those of you who remember, my production company was one of the first to fully adopt Panny's P2-HD system and I became a self-made expert on the HVX200 and HPX500 along with the later-coming Varicams.

In fact I made the popular "HVX200 Color Test" demo which showed how you could get "chrome-like" color from the little P2 cam.  That clip is here on my blog:


This year I'll be with DVinfo.net camera in-hand interviewing the unsuspecting.  (laughs)

If you're going to attend, send me an email:  robert@lumenosity.com


Feb 20, 2016

First Review Items In !

The first pieces of new reviews for 2016 have just started rolling in:  The Focal Spirit professional headphones (which I'm listening to right now as I'm typing this out) and, the Lauten Audio Atlantis large-diaphragm FET-type studio mic.

Both Focal and Lauten went out of their way to create an excellent presentation in the cases their product comes in, but L.A. went a little nuts:  A handmade cherrywood box with a 1940's style front clasp?!! (pics below)  Gorgeous - and totally overboard!  But I'm really digging the eye-candy both companies put into the packaging.

So stay tuned, new stuff is coming soon!!

Feb 1, 2016

Battle Cry for 2016: You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Ever since the economy took a dump in late '07 life for most regular folk has just sucked, plain and simple.  We've all been struggling just to get by while watching banks and Wall Street babies rake in record profits.

Like millions of others my business took a sucker-punch that knocked me out for more than 2 years; now in 2016 my business still hasn't come close to being at 2006 levels, not by a long shot.

But I'm a product of the take-no-prisoners, "We're not gonna take it anymore" '80's, where big hair metal bands were pumping out anthems of supreme self-confidence and "screw you" messages to those who'd stand in our way of self-fulfillment.

Nothing reflected those concepts more plainly than two things:  An advertising campaign by Maxell that showcased a man sitting in his chair at home "rocking out" to his favorite tunes and being blown away by the experience (the pic above).  And, what's become the defacto anthem of the 80's, a heavy metal single from Judas Priest, "You've got another thing comin' ".  So prolific and enduring is the message in that song that it was used just late last year in another ad campaign... for Honda cars, of all things.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

I've been frustrated with my business being held hostage by the crappy economy for far too long, and last year finally got completely fed up - if not downright angry, and decided to take the bull by the horns, as it were.  And it's amazing how perspective can change in an instant when you decide that the future is definitely *yours*, not the result of idiots in the White House or Wall Street making stupid choices.

And it's nice to see the economy in a steady, yet slow pace of growth.  We're nowhere near where we need to be and too many people are still suffering financially BUT, for the first time since 2007 I can feel in my bones that we've finally turned a corner and a better future lays ahead of us all.

So if you think that:

-  This year will be just like the last;
-  If your own potential for happiness will be just a grim as before;
-  That the economy has the ultimate power against us;
-  Or that that your options for series-based entertainment will consist of more, "what kind of crap is this?", mindless, useless, reality or sorta-reality TV shows with ridiculous iterations of "Who gives a crap" Wars, "Go fish for this", or "Housewives of blah-blah" bullshit...

You've got another thing comin':  Something completely different and fresh is headed for your screen.  Very soon.

Dec 9, 2014

To Anyone Who Wants a Fulfilled Life:

These days with things like social media, internet dating, over-the-top "get the latest thing" consumerism (how many people lined up for the new iPhone, for example?) and TV shows promoting wanna-be talent becoming instant stars our entire society has been slowly programmed to put less value on the things and people we have right in front of us, right now.

How many times have you been frustrated with something - or someone in your life and thought it was time to trade up for something different and hopefully better? Can you say your life has become immeasurably better because you have a newer cell phone than the one from 2 years ago? Did replacing that previous BF or GF with someone else improve your happiness? Did getting that divorce you just couldn't wait for totally turn your life around and it's all roses now?

Granted, there are times when it becomes valid to make a change to your daily life and even shake up relationships when they're not healthy or supportive, but I'm willing to bet that many of the changes we all make are unnecessary and really don't improve our quality of lives, yet instead simply cost us time, money and an often various levels of emotional chaos or instability.

Close relationships whether it's family, a spouse, significant other or even good friends are often taken for granted, the old saying that "familiarity breeds contempt" while sounding negative is often true, but it need not be.

I've always said that you truly only have 2 assets in life: Your health and the knowledge in your head. Everything else is far more removed from your control, that being money, jobs, material things and the people around you. So here's a piece of knowledge I wish to share that will hopefully help those who are contemplating changing a core part of their lives:

Family and those who you are close to regardless of relationship type have more value than nearly everything else combined. It's easy to become settled and unappreciative of those who make up your close circle and, it's even easier to consider letting go of someone who doesn't seem to be living up to your expectations or causing you any level of frustration or grief. That can be a short-sighted and even destructive thought process.

That doesn't mean you should put up with bad behavior or just "turn the other cheek" if you're not being treated properly and especially if you're dealing with a significant form of physical or emotional abuse, but all too often I see people who are willing to drop an otherwise decent relationship simply because they've hit bumps in the road, or are constantly finding frustration in someone they otherwise expected to be getting enjoyment from.

Perfect relationships don't just exist, they're built from both sides. It takes a willingness to accept others as they are and not who you think they should be; to be open to compromise and to listen and to voice your thoughts constructively. Certainly these things aren't always easy to do especially if you're already frustrated or otherwise unhappy but the results of putting effort into those concepts can be life-changing.

We all want to be accepted for who we are and not judged, to have someone who you know is on your side no matter what, and who builds you up rather than breaking you down. That doesn't always happen, obviously. But I also have found that when things aren't going right that a little effort towards open communication and being honest about how you feel or what you need goes a long way to opening doors and smoothing out those bumps in the road.

Take stock of the people around you and see if you feel you've got someone in your list that just doesn't measure up, then ask yourself why. Is it because there's something about them that you find annoying, or are they truly unhealthy to you in some way? Then ask yourself how you'd feel if they weren't around at all anymore. The answer may surprise you.

Facebook has made the process of choosing and keeping "friends" ludicrous, many of the people in our lists aren't real, tangible relationships. Who in the world can have hundreds or thousands of friends, people to actually interact with or have a close bond to? Nobody of course. Not even the Pope. That doesn't mean these people don't have value in some other way, but nothing replaces good old-fashioned in-person connections.

The real-world bonds you have to people are the most precious external asset you have in your life. If someone's not giving you what you need, talk about it with them. Feed and nurture the people closest to you. If you are thinking of disconnecting from someone, give deep thought to that process and consider the impact it will have on your life - and theirs. You will find that protecting and keeping the people closest to you will have the greatest impact to your overall happiness and enjoyment of your life, I guarantee it.

Best to All.