Jul 19, 2016

The New Stuff - Still Waiting !!!

I know I recently promised you guys some hard-won new reviews especially for the audio portion of our post-production people.

So what's happened since that last post is that I've been waiting to get the equipment from both Audio Plus (The Trio Be's) and from Equator, the new D8 monitors!  Between my own company being really busy and theirs as well we've all been swamped with "stuff" and reviews have been on the back burner for a while.

But, I've got some time to catch up where I left off in the spring, so here's what's coming:

The "kit" review for everything you'll need for an awesome post-production environment:

1.  Retina 5K iMac
2.  SPL Crimson (audio interface)
3.  Focal Trio Be near-fields 
4.  Focal Alpha 65's
5.  Lauten Atlantis mic
6.  Equator D8 near-fields 

...and hopefully for ALL of us who really miss the traditional Final Cut Studio (FC7) interface, an in-depth review of Davinci Resolve Studio!!

And for those who've complained that I didn't have a social media presence, here's a link to both my personal and business pages:

www.facebook.com/robertlaneaz.  The business page-link is there as well.

More soon, my friends!