Sep 14, 2016

Final Cut Pro 7 Editors: Rejoice !!!

If you're a dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool FCP 7 user then you know all too well that our beloved FCP 7 (what I consider the "real" FCP, not "X" which is iMovie on steroids) is a long-dead platform with no hope of ever being revitalized by Apple.

And, if you're also not happy with the layout, workflows and different methods that are used by Premiere Pro, Avid, Lightworks and others then you've probably been wondering for some time, "How do I move forward with an NLE that will keep me current - and run on the newer versions of Mac OSX that are about to hit - that won't support FCP 7??"  Right?

Well you can stop stressing because Black Magic has the solution: Ever heard of DaVinci Resolve?  Of course you have, it's the defacto standard in color-correction/finishing world-wide.

Resolve has had a "lite" version of an NLE for years bundled with it's color-finishing software, but in years past it was extremely basic and not at all considered a "full" editor.  With Resolve 12.5 that's all changed!

The two best things about Resolve?  It *truly* is FCP 7 re-engineered with a similar layout, similar workflows and tools to FCP 7 so getting your head around it's interface is FAST and easy.  The second thing:  it's FREE!!  Right!  Nearly 95% percent of what Resolve is capable of doing is 100% free and will be going forward according to Dmitri Kitsov of Black Magic Tech Support.

So in the near future you can expect a full-on review of it's capabilities and why EVERY FCP 7 editor needs to move over to this platform - now!

Download the free version of DVR here and try it out for yourself - and be sure to read the instructions that come with it so you understand how to setup your system and prep your media based on the system you have:

Download DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Here !

More soon!!

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