Feb 23, 2016

See You at NAB 2016!

For anyone who's planning on attending the NAB convention in 'Vegas this year, I'll be there also after a long hiatus.  Last time I was there was as a consultant for Panasonic.  Those of you who remember, my production company was one of the first to fully adopt Panny's P2-HD system and I became a self-made expert on the HVX200 and HPX500 along with the later-coming Varicams.

In fact I made the popular "HVX200 Color Test" demo which showed how you could get "chrome-like" color from the little P2 cam.  That clip is here on my blog:


This year I'll be with DVinfo.net camera in-hand interviewing the unsuspecting.  (laughs)

If you're going to attend, send me an email:  robert@lumenosity.com


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