Dec 30, 2011

HVX200 Color Test - Again!

Set the "Way Back" machine for 2005 after the venerable HVX200 hit the HD professional video market:

This was a camera test I created to show just how gorgeous the little Panasonic could look if you dug deep into camera settings to make it more "film like".

Obviously this camera has been succeeded by the HVX200A and HPX170 and of course the newer crop of AVCHD-based cameras such as the AF100 and F3 however, it still amazes me how good this "older" camera still makes images - and it's newer brother the HPX170 is even better.

And personally, I still prefer the P2 cams 422 color space and global shutter to any flavor of 4.2.0 AVCHD and it's associated rolling-shutter issues.

So while the HVX200 is old tech now, it's always good to know that any professional camera can be tweaked to create almost any "look", if you know what you're doing.

Enjoy this blast from the past:

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