Dec 23, 2011

Where's all the cool OSX Holiday Screen-savers?

Back in '08-'09 there was a flurry of new, advanced-animation 3D screen-savers for Mac OSX that hit  the 'net just before the holidays.

Since then, nothing new has really come out, in fact some of the oldies going back to OS 10.5 aren't around anymore.  Worse yet, many aren't compatible with OS 10.7 Lion!  Huh?

To date the best OSX Holiday-saver I've seen is "Snowmen" from Jason Sikes.  You can get your copy here:

If you know of any newer screen-savers for OSX that are this well-done and look this good, I'd love to hear about it!

Cheers, and Happy Holidays to all.

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