Sep 20, 2011

Apple Issues free trial of Final Cut X

If you've been paying attention to the recent debacle surrounding Apple's release of Final Cut Pro "X" you know the majority of the Final Cut userbase (including myself) were flabbergasted and disgusted with the direction it took.

Not to mention that a large number of people who purchased the new app got a refund from Apple because of the major issues and unseen gotchas that reared their ugly head.

However Apple in rare form has done two things to being to address the long list of issues surrounding "X":

They've just released a major update to the app with a few bug fixes and added just a few of the functionality items missing from X and;

This update also comes with a free 30-day trial (a first for any Apple-branded app!) so anyone can take it for a spin and see how it handles:

What's NOT clear - because it's not stated anywhere on Apple's webpages - are what limitations, if any, there are associated with the trial version.  I plan to find out myself and will update as needed.

I'd highly suggest anyone curious about FCP X to use the trial and put it through it's paces.  And while you're at it, download the free trial of Premiere Pro as well... and YOU be the judge, not the over-hyped marketing materials!

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