Oct 21, 2012

Worlds most expensive FRS Radios: $1 Million Bucks!

This has to go into the, "Gee, somebody goofed" list:

A pair of Midland FRS-type consumer-grade walkie-talkie radios that should normally sell for around $60-80 USD is listing on the Amazon site for a gut-busting one million dollars.

That's right, bubba.  If you're an uber-rich billionaire with money burning holes in your pockets you can be the ONLY person on the planet to purchase this single pair of million-dollar radios.

Being the good Samaritan-type I decided to alert Amazon to the pricing snafu; their response was that since it's been listed by a third party it's their right to set pricing, and Amazon has no responsibility to pull down what is either a gross error or, an outright scam.

While I seriously doubt anyone who's not been declared legally insane would actually purchase these radios it's still amazing to me that Amazon would simply throw their hands up and play dumb.

An email to the listing seller should clear this up.  Right?

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